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About Us

The Aishat Obi Daawah and Orphanage Foundation is a registered non-profit organization operating in the heart of Port Harcourt, River State, Nigeria. Established in the year 2010, the foundation is dedicated to making a significant impact on the lives of the less privileged, particularly those affected by crises, war, floods, earthquakes, and other calamities. With a strong commitment to societal betterment, the foundation has set forth a noble vision to be a beacon of hope and support for those in dire need.


To provide assistance and support to the less privileged and individuals affected by crises, war, natural disasters, and other adverse circumstances, with the aim of restoring hope, dignity, and stability in their lives.


A society where every individual, regardless of their circumstances, has access to essential support, resources, and opportunities to lead a better life.

Key Objectives:

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We believe that we can save life

We believed in the power of community and the impact of collective action

We believe that we can save life

Communities are talking about the positive impact we’re making. Join the conversation as we work together to bring hope and support to those in need through our charitable initiatives.

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